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Underground Super Bins. From the UK's bin weighing experts.

Our underground bins have arrived

Take a closer look at VWS Super Bins

Our robust and innovative range of underground Super Bins are built to last. Engineered by our skilled team, we pride ourselves on quality.

Why go underground?



No more overflowing or overweight bin collections. 

VWS Super Bins are fitted with our smart technology - measuring volume and weight. Collection requests are automatically triggered when required, which prevents unnecessary visits.


Space Saving

Bulky, unsightly and often unhygienic street level bins are a thing of the past!


Underground Super Bins smarten up the environment and remove the need to store traditional bins on sites or residential properties. Everyone can enjoy more space.



Our Super Bins, underground waste collection systems, keep domestic and commercial waste safely out of sight.


Our thoughtfully designed units are attractive and seamlessly integrate with modern architecture and other street scene assets. 


Technical Assistance

Manufacturer support is available from ELKOPLAST

Dave Smith 

“We're saving so much time and cost. We only collect bins that are full, so there are no wasted trips."
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